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Conceptual and Integrated Creative, 50% of the time elaborating creative concepts and the other 50% executing them across all various possible medium. Naturally curious, passionate and enthusiastic, constantly looking for the next challenge and for having a chance to imagine, create, innovate. I like to tell visual stories able to entertain and emotionally connect people, and I am always looking for mastering new, engaging ways to do it.


Client: Brent Council, London. Concept and Design

Few selected pages from an informative brouchure for the Brent Council.

Concept and design for newspaper ad

Client: OHSOMM, London. Art Direction and Illustration

Special Edition Wedding Label for Ohsomm


The  pleasure to celebrate with the loved ones

Client: Ohsomm. Art Direction and Illustration

Ohsomm, an online wine retailer London-based, briefed me on the Gay Pride Special Edition Label with the purpose to promote pride, love, tolerance and peace in the UK on behalf of the LBGTQ community and people in general.

The broad brand colour palette due to the variety of wines has been here used in full as an Ohsomm version of the Gay Pride Flag, and recalling both the shape of the rainbow and the glass at the same time. The dynamic movement of the poured wine is represented by the smooth wine letters that shape the word 'Love'.

The composition aim to be dynamic and playful recalling the pleasure of celebrating with the loved ones.

'Five Stories Project'

We empathize with characters because they are driven by the same things that drive us

Client: CMME, London. Art Direction and Design

CMME offers mortgages to indipendent professionals. They briefed me to enhance quality and consistency integrating their new visual identity with new contents during their rebranding...


Client: Bwin. Membership Card. Concept and design.

A dynamic card deck emphasize the brand logo.

Client: Bwin. Print Advertising for newspaper

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