The Ninth Planet and the Use of Archetypes in Branding.
Client: Nyne, Art Direction and Design
An early-stage startup briefed me about the concept of brand identity and possible UI solutions for a long-journey attribution analytical tool. I first explored the archetypes related to 'marketers' as the target audience and come across 'The Magician' as the archetype more relevant for them, as like 'magicians' they turn users into buyers. At the same time, the app offered tailored and personalized advice and insight based on data, having an identity between a magician assistant and an Ai assistant. With this in mind, I decided to mix ai, and sci-fi imagery with the 'magician identity', referring to the cosmos, planets and stars with a fresh, minimal and only slightly futuristic touch. The icons have an illustrative flair, and tape on the above imagery, representing planets, bubbly alchemy ampoules and more traditional symbols.
Magicians look at stars to make predictions as marketers look at data to predict customers' behaviours. I also used the story of 'Planet Nine' a scientific hypothesis about a ninth planet able to explain otherwise unexplained phenomena in the solar system, as a metaphor for hidden long-journey attribution able to influence buying decisions. I proposed the name 'Nyne' a talking little planet, halfway between the magician's assistant and Ai's assistant represented by a small circle with a colourful gradient. A graph would represent the traffic sources as planets depicted as coloured dots.