Pages from printed brochure for the Brent Council. Client: Brent Council.
 I prioritized Council's visual library of local people photos over stock photography to use an imagery that speaks directly to local people (e.g. 1-2). Geometrical shapes (e.g. Neasden Indian Temple Arch and iconic Wembley stadium silhouette on image 3) creates a link between the anonymity of suburban landscape and the cultural diversity of local communities and their religious architecture.
Digital Advertising and Concept Design
1- 9 Concepts, sketchings, Design and 3D for online and seasonal promotions, client Bwin
10 - 11 Concept and 3D Design for Halloween banner for PartyPoker USA
12 Moodboard for logo 'hero'. Bwin
13, 14 Membership Card, Concept and Design, PartyPoker
15 Homepage refresh proposal, interactive design,Bwin
16 and 17 Concept and mockup for Interactive Avertsing, an action must be completed to unlock contents, Adludio
18 Social Media post packages, Concept and Design, client Creative AI
17 Probono social media concept and illustration, Cause2Create
18 Social Media Advertising, concept, design and copy client IMMO

19 and 20 Seasonal Digital Advertising Concept, Design, Animation and copy for Halloween. Client BYJUS

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