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Alice Serpau

Conceptual and Integrated Creative, 50% of the time elaborating creative concepts and the other 50% executing them across all various possible medium.

Naturally curious, passionate and enthusiastic, constantly looking for the next challenge and for having a chance to imagine, create, innovate.

I like to tell visual stories able to entertain and emotionally connect people, and I am always looking for mastering new, engaging ways to do it.


Website Mockup for Good&CO. Concept and Design


A scrolling story to create immersive content experience

Client: Bwin, London. Art Direction and Design

Bwin, an international online gaming company, briefed me to realize the January background for the UK website. The concept I proposed aimed to enhance user engagement by using a parallax scrolling background as a way for quickly capturing visitors’ attention. Parallax scrolling is very effective in guided storytelling. For example, to help sell products or services by delighting and guiding users through a scrolling story or guide , thus improving a Web site’s user experience and being an opportunity for brands and marketers to create immersive content experience.

The proposed background is composed by two pictures fading one in the other, that represent a DiceLand, an amusement City on the top of a die (logo of the brand).

Scrolling down, all the lights of the city switch on, creating a small story (a before and an after) that guides the user experience.

Mockup. Scroll down for light off, scroll up for light on

Mockup with web page

Client: Bwin, London. Christmas Background. Art Direction and 3D Design

To engage the user with a gaming related theme, I've conceptualized and realized a Christmas background presenting in place

of the traditional sledge, transports related with gaming environment (e.g. a dice gift is brought by an UFO, since one of the slot machine game represents Aliens as Characters), creating a story which reflects a gaming environment.

Client: Bwin, London. Digital Rebranding Proposal

Branding Moodboard

- In response to the creative brief to identify new branding solutions for Party Casino I have produced mood boards on which I have explored:

- Visual identity, brand and design elements of competitors, but also of other entertainment industries, such as video-gaming, to preserve a fresh approach and an engaging user experience

- Possible Design solutions and web design trends (such as interactive elements).

- Competitors’ contents and assets.

- Implementing the results of this visual research on the contents and style of promotions and asset for the website for the Party Casino brand.

Concept and design for Interactive Advertising. By dragging fruits and Absolut the user discovers the combination of ingredients of different cocktail. I completing the action a CTA invites him to download the drinkinspiration app (on the left). By dragging the absolut on the glass, a rainbow liquid will appear on the glass for the Gay Pride Special Edition Bottle (on the right).

Digital Banner for Bwin, Partypoker, Partycasino. Concept and Design

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