A scrolling story to create immersive content experience
Client: Bwin, London. Art Direction and Design
Bwin, an international online gaming company, briefed me to realize the January background for the UK website. The concept I proposed aimed to enhance user engagement by using a parallax scrolling background as a way for quickly capturing visitors’ attention. Parallax scrolling is very effective in guided storytelling. For example, to help sell products or services by delighting and guiding users through a scrolling story or guide , thus improving a Web site’s user experience and being an opportunity for brands and marketers to create immersive content experience.
The proposed background is composed by two pictures fading one in the other, that represent a DiceLand, an amusement City on the top of a die (logo of the brand). By scrolling down, all the lights of the city switch on, creating a small story (a before and an after) that guides the user experience.
Gifts from the Space
Special Christmas Background
Client: Bwin, London. Art Direction and Design
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