Alice Serpau

Conceptual and Integrated Creative, 50% of the time elaborating creative concepts and the other 50% executing them across all various possible medium.

Naturally curious, passionate and enthusiastic, constantly looking for the next challenge and for having a chance to imagine, create, innovate.

I like to tell visual stories able to entertain and emotionally connect people, and I am always looking for mastering new, engaging ways to do it.




Illustration (commercial)

Interactive Advertising Proposal Mockup. Concept and design

Interactive Ad for Gatwick. 'Arrive Hungry', Concept and design

Brief: To invite  travellers to come earlier to the airport trying the huge variety of restaurants and shops.

Concept: (previous Gatwick campaign: a big screen in the airport shows a message: 'Try to ignore that croissant' on a pink background on the top of a little bakery). An interactive version of the same concept  invites the user to tap the screen   and - when the level of attention is maximum because in tapping the user expects that something happens-  a croissant grows bigger and bigger.

On the left, a funnier variation informs about the consequences of travelling with an empty belly.

Concept and design for Interactive Advertising. By dragging fruits and Absolut the user discovers the combination of ingredients of different cocktails. In completing the action a CTA invites him to download the Drinkinspiration app (on the left). By dragging the absolut on the glass, a rainbow liquid will appear on the glass for the Gay Pride Special Edition Bottle (on the right).


A scrolling story to create immersive content experience

Client: Bwin, London. Art Direction and Design

Concept and design for interactive ad 'A Small Family Business' The National Theatre.

Concept and design interactive ad for

The Co-operative Food. Interactive Ad

With a target audience of 24-34ys young people, The co-operative food aimed to engage young customers linking the brand with their social habits. 'What are you going to do this Saturday?' offers  the opportunity to chose a social activity based on personal interests discovering how the brand can help and facilitate your social life.

Every situation is related to a specific recipe that you can prepare with your friends / partner.

The final CTA links to the products in offer in store necessary to complete the recipe.

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